Australia's Internet Access

A campaign to protect the people's Internet Access from government and companies.

Take action!


Ask anyone you meet if they have heard about this Internet Access campaign

Comment on relevant news articles. You can find out where they pop up with this: Google News Search: Internet Access

Write on your blog, website or wall about the campaign.

  1. Find the senators of your state: Search Senators – Parliament of Australia
  2. Inform them of your views of the Internet Access
  1. Do you know your electorate? Find it here: AEC’s Find my electorate
  2. Find your member of your electorate: Search Members – Parliament of Australia
  3. Inform them of your views of the Internet Access

Some sample comments

  • We urge you to take action to tackle problem gambling on poker machines in Australia. Requiring problem gamblers to pre-commit how much they are willing to lose will help problem gamblers kick a habit that’s hurting far too many Australian families.
  • TODO
  • TODO
  • TODO

Ask questions too

  • Would you vote for stronger Internet privacy?
  • Would you vote for putting the burden on Internet users to defend themselves?
  • Would you vote for the Internet Access bill?
  • TODO

Note: If you are writing your own questions and want a definite yes or no, write the question so that they have to give a definite answer rather than a vague answer. See the samples above.

Write a letter to the editor expressing your views with the Internet Access. Some points to make:

  • Importance of privacy on Internet
  • Lack of due process
  • Burden of proof on subscriber
  • Deceptive education notices

Some reading materials

More effort but still part of the democratic process.

Most of the above actions had been civic duties. If you had been doing them, well done! Now it gets harder. However, join the discussions if you’re willing to learn or participate but are not sure what to do.

The government allows people to make submissions, comments or conduct surveys that goes on to become law. Pretty cool, eh? Have a look at the government topics with Internet Access that you can participate in.

Have a look at the law discussion project. See if you can help!

The Pirate Party understands Internet and the need to protect it. The efforts here are not due to tons of cash but passionate members. This includes me who pretty much worked on most of this.

Join Pirate Party

Note: HTTPS Everywhere attempts to redirect the to the non-existing

You can do the above with one interesting change: take action with those based in your country. This means the overseas media, governments, people and ISPs will talk of this change that Australia can’t avoid.

There are also many Pirate Parties that have volunteers and would appreciate help; find out from a local Pirate Party.

Note: This project does not have support of any Pirate Party. They displayed because they are only Federal political group in Australia that believe in stronger Internet Access without allowing anti-Internet compromises or amendments.